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  1. What's the difference between the trial and the full version?

    The trial version and registered version are the same product, except for the limitation: Limit the output files to 3 minutes. After purchasing, you will get a registration code. Once you register the product, the free trial limitations will be removed.

  2. What benefits are available if I purchase your products?

    1. You will get the full version of our software (3 minutes limitation removed).
    2. FREE lifetime technical support via e-mail, guaranteed reply within one business day.
    3. FREE lifetime update to the latest version.
    4. Get discount for purchasing other products. Email us for details.The upgrade process is mostly painless, and free for all DumboFab users.

  3. When and how can I get the program I ordered?

    Once you complete the online order, you were supposed to receive an email with the order information and license code within a few minutes. Check the spam folder if you could not find the license retrieval email. However, there is possibility that your email service provider rejects emails from unknown senders. Please feel free to contact us if you do not get the email after 30 minutes.

  4. Is it safe to purchase product via your website?

    Yes, it is 100% secure to do business with us. The Payment platform we utilize is Digital River, one of most trusted ecommerce companies in the world. The order of your private information, such as credit card number, addresses and so on will never be disclosed without your specific permission.

  5. What payment method do you accept?

    We accept several types of payment: Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax, etc.

  6. Do you offer any discount for non-profit organizations/schools?

    Yes, We DumboFab offers discount of all the products for approved schools, churches, government entities and charitable organizations! You can write an email to us with prove, up to 80% discount will be offered.

  7. As an existing customer, I just wonder if I can get discount for purchasing other DumboFab products?

    Yes, you can. We offer up to 50% discount for purchased users to purchase other DumboFab product(s). Please simply contact [email protected] for detailes.

  8. I purchase the wrong product by mistake. Can I exchange it for the right one?

    Yes, you can. In this case, please uninstall the wrong product first. Then email us with your order information and the right product you want. We will exchange the right one for you.

  9. What is your refund policy?

    DumboFab Software, Inc. provides refunds within 30 days of product purchase. We'll hold the 30-day money back guarantee if our products cannot normally work with error or bug and we cannot solve it within an acceptable period of time or provide a temporary solution. Sometimes the software doesn't work well due to improper operations. We strongly suggest you contact our support team for help first with detailed problem description. One business day reply is guaranteed.
    Please note we do not accept unreasonable or unexplained refund. The following refund requests will be rejected:
    1. You request a refund for no particular reason;
    2. You request a refund by simply a "It does not work" or "I do not want it" reason and refuse to elaborate;
    3. You request a refund for a feature we do not have/support. DumboFab products are sold as "try-before-you-buy" software. We highly recommend you to verify the program's functions and make sure it works well on your computer before your purchase.
    More details can be found on this page.

  10. Can I transfer my license key to a new computer?

    You need to completely uninstall our program from your original PC for using on new computer. Generally, one license key can only be activated on a single computer for single user license. If you want to use the DumboFab program on multiple machines at the same time, you need to buy the appropriate number of separate license keys accordingly.

  11. License Code

  12. I didn't receive the license code for several hours after my purchase. Why?

    The possible reasons might be:
    1. Due to your email setting, the letter with license code went to Trash directly. Please check the folder there.
    2. You provided invalid email address when you ordered the software.
    3. Your email service provider rejects emails from unknown senders.
    Please let us know by writing to [email protected] if you are under one of the last two situations.

  13. I have purchased the DumboFab product but it's not accepting the License Code. It shows "Invalid".

    Please uninstall it first and then reload it to have a try. Besides, please pay attention to the following tips:
    1. It is highly recommended to copy and paste the license code instead of entering it directly. Please make sure there is no blank space.
    2. If you want to enter it directly, please pay attention to the hyphen between numbers and do not move the mouse in which case it will highlight the letters and numbers and remove all of them when you enter the next letter or number.
    3. Please run it as administrator in case that your account has no permission to write the registry.
    4. Non-system partitions, like D: / E: / etc., are recommended to install.

  14. Can I use one license of your software on multiple computers?

    One license of our software can be used on one computer only. If you would like to purchase additional licenses, please feel free to contact us get the discount.

  15. What should I do to move the software I purchased from the old computer to the new one?

    Firstly, please remove license code from your software, and uninstall the software from your old computer. Then download the version you purchased from our website you bought to install it on your new one. Use the registration information you got before to activate.

  16. What if I lost the license code?

    If you lost your license code, please do not worry and feel free to contact us to request your original license. Please provide us with detailed information about your purchase, such as order ID, email address, user name, etc.

  17. Do I need to re-register after I reinstall the software?

    Yes, you need to re-register after you reinstall the software.

  18. How do I register my copy? Do I need to go online to do so?

    You can simply register the program by coping and pasting the license code to the program. Generally, the program will auto-remind users to register every time you launch it if you have not registered it.
    If there is no reminding, it simply means that it is registered.

  19. Installation & Upgrade

  20. Cannot update my DumboFab software, what shall I do?

    Generally, if a new version released, you will receive an update reminder when you open our program, just click the OK to update it. If you're satisfied with current version, just ingore this.
    PS: You can check out whether your DumboFab software is the latest version or not by moving mouse cursor to "Help" > "update".
    If you failed to update it from the software itself, you can directly download it from the the product's index page.

  21. What is your upgrade policy? Is it free?

    Free updates are offered both for our free trial and purchased/paid customers. The free trial users still have the 3 minutes output limitation. And the purchased/paid customers can enjoy any upgrade, major or minor, without any fee involved for the software you purchased.

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