Adobe Help Share all effective solutions for troubleshooting your precise video editing issues and questions when using Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements and After Effects.

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Some Premiere Pro/Elements's problems are still unsolved? Find solutions here!

Adobe's video production softwares tools like Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements and After Effects are great tools for for beginners and advanced users to create projects. However, problems like codecs support issues, editing large 4K/HEVC video file, degraded image quality a video during post-production still come from time to time. In fact, not all official answers to user feedbacks are resultful. Feel frustrated? Don't worry! Considering all these cases, we are testing by ourselves and gathering all effective solutions for your precise video editing issues and questions. Find your solutions here.

How to Export Premiere Pro to MP4

Want to save Premiere Pro project to MP4 but frightened by the tons of export options? If so, follow this guide to learn how to export Premiere Pro to MP4 file.

Jason Eatock July 25, 2023 Adobe Help

How to Fix Adobe Media Encoder Not Installed Error in Premiere/AE

Adobe Media Encoder not installed error when trying to export a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects? Just get troubleshooting and solutions in this article.

Jason Eatock Apr 14, 2021 Adobe Help

[Fixed] Premiere Elements Doesn't Work Well with HEVC Codec

Unable to import HEVC 4K Videos to Premiere Elements for further editing? Try the 3 Solutions.

Jason Eatock Oct. 21, 2020 Adobe Help

Can't Import MKV File to Adobe Premiere Pro - Solved

The reason varies and the easiest method is to convert MKV to a more edit-friendly codec like MPEG-2, ProRes for Premiere Pro. Read on for details.

Jason Eatock Aug. 29, 2020 Adobe Help

Can't Import MP4 to Adobe Premiere Pro [Solved]

Your Adobe Premiere Pro won't import MP4 files produced by GoPro, DJI, iPhone or other devices/programs? Now your issue can be fixed by the solutions here.

Chris Ellison Aug. 29, 2020 Adobe Help

Why H.265/HEVC Doesn't Work in Premiere Pro

Get failure or error message when you try importing HEVC/H.265 videos from iPhone, DJI, GoPro, etc. to Adobe Premiere Pro? Here are 3 solutions to solve HEVC codec doesn't work in Premiere Pro.

Jason Eatock Aug. 02, 2020 Adobe Help

Can't Edit GoPro HERO8/7/6 4K HEVC in Premiere Pro

Can't import GoPro HERO8, HERO7, or HERO6 4K HEVC to Adobe Premiere Pro problem can be easily solved by converting HEVC to Premiere Pro compatible MPEG-2 files.

Jason Eatock Aug. 16, 2020 Adobe Help

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