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Posted by Jason Eatock - Aug. 29, 2020 | Contact Author

Can't Import MKV File to Adobe Premiere Pro - Solved

To fix Premiere Pro MKV file import failure, the perfect workaround is to do transcoding - convert MKV to Premiere Pro edit-friendly formats.

"I've been editing videos using a .mkv file format in CC 2019 on windows 10 but i noticed not only does CC 2019 on Mac OS not import .MKV but when i upgraded to CC 2020, my older projects and a new project I created doesn't let me import .mkv. I have no ideo how I got mkv to work on CC 2019 but any suggestions would be helpful!"

MKV was natively supported in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 12.1 and later, but there is no place to find any official announcement about this improvement. And till now, MKV has not been added to the official supported format list. Adobe has claimed to remove support for MKV since Premiere 2019 13.1.3. In fact, Adobe's previous MKV file format support was limited to decoding for playback. And they have never offered support for encoding MKV, and overall usage of this format has been very low.

MKV File Import Failure in Premiere Pro

Why MKV video can't be imported to Adobe Premiere Pro as other normal video files?

The reason that "MKV Import Failure in Adobe Premiere Pro (CC 2020 included)" is mainly due to incompatible file format or codec missing. You should know that codec format decides whether you can load a video or audio file successfully or not, while MKV is just a container format which may contain various video, audio codecs and subtitles. So even though you are importing an .mkv video, the encoded file wrapped in the MKV box might not be supported, which leads to file import failure. Also it could be caused by an old-version Premiere Pro. Different Operating Systems have an impact on it as well.

To fix MKV file import failure in Premiere Pro, the easy solution is transcoding MKV to other Premiere Pro edit-friendly formats with third-party utilities like DumboFab Video Converter. With it, you can easily convert MKV to Premiere Pro compatible MPEG-2, MOV, H.264 while maintaining the original quality. Moreover, the program also offers immense video output formats including ProRes, DNxHD, Apple Intermediate Codec, etc. and high-speed transcoding experience.

DumboFab Video Converter - Fix Premiere Pro MKV File Import Failure Issue in Just a Few Clicks

• Accept all MKV files with different encoded video/audio streams
• Output MKV in file formats natively supported by Adobe Premiere Pro
• Convert videos in 3 Steps without causing any quality loss
• Easy editing experience: cut, crop, merge, stabilize...

Steps on How to convert MKV to Premiere Pro natively supported format

Step 1. Open the best 4K HEVC Converter, you can directly drag and drop source GoPro HEVC files, or click [b]Add Video[/b] button on the toolbar to load HEVC files.

Convert MKV to Premiere Pro

Step 2. Click Format pull down list, select Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2(*.mpg). You can also choose the WMV, MOV as the output format.

Convert MKV to Premiere Pro

Step 3. Hit Convert button in the lower right corner and the conversion will begin in no time. Once done, Adobe Premiere Pro should be able to import the converted GoPro HEVC footage without any trouble.

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